Product Management

The powerful combination of Hathaway Resources’ experienced professionals, seasoned field forces, and technology systems enable us to provide clients with controls that ensure completion of their projects on time and within budget requirements. Our established network of Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Subcontractors, etc., with their proven track record, provide our customers with a strategy that: allows for singular responsibility, early knowledge of project costs, improved risk management, and reduced administrative burden. For many of the building systems that we utilize, we have agreements with the manufacturers that provide us with certified / licensed vendors and/or installers for their products. Thus, we provide the customer with an additional ‘safety net’ to fall back on, should the need arise.

Project Approach

Communication is the key to success for any project. Our role is to facilitate clear communication between team members and provide clear definition of every function involved. An organized system of ‘checks and balances’ guides the entire process.

One of our principals will have direct responsibility of your project and personally oversee the assigned project manager.

Conceptual Planning

We meet with the Owner, Architect, and Engineers to formulate a plan and develop the means of successfully implementing the work with minimal disturbance to the end users. Our relationships with AHCA, CMS and local AHJs allow us the opportunity for cursory reviews of projects/plans, which in-turn facilitates their approval processes.


We formulate an overall project schedule and follow up with updates to near term schedules as the particular project requires.


Our creative process begins with a keen sensitivity to our clients needs, and just as importantly, to their budget for the project. As simple as it may sound, being able to listen and understand our client’s objectives has earned us a reputation for providing clients with a timely completion that is within or below their budget.