Positive Clinical Outcomes

Hathaway Resources helps deliver a better environment to each person who interacts with our designs and for all who use our buildings. Our main goal is to provide an atmosphere that lends itself to “positive clinical outcomes”.

For the occupants, this approach is manifested in the quality and quantity of daylight throughout; the attention to acoustical treatment; reduction of travel distances between program areas; air that is better to breathe; and colors, patterns, and  textures that contribute to the architecture as way-finding devices, enhancers of light and amplifiers of good feeling.

For the client institution, this approach is justified through the improvement of user efficiency; the reduction in absenteeism; and the attraction and retention of quality personnel. Our methods also reduce construction cost, through common sense design; reduce maintenance cost through the use of durable materials and sensible detailing; and reduce energy cost through proper building orientation, insulation, and effective plumbing, heating and electrical design.

In order to reach all of these goals, our team moderates a process of communication that includes owners, administrators, and those who maintain your facilities, to systematically establish what will perform best for your institution. These goals are determined before the beginning of the design, reviewed and tested at every milestone of the design, and then are revisited almost a year after building occupancy to understand what has worked well, what has not, and why.

This process has worked for us because we establish a teamwork atmosphere for every building project that expands to include the building contractors and is based on the belief that, in a successful project, everyone is a winner and everyone has an important role in achieving our common goal.